2017 Educational Conference Materials

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Case Management

Community Presentation

Fire Protection Territories

Funding Fire Protection FAQ CFR

Funding FireProtection FAQ HELP

Funding Fire Protection

Help Me Find Some Money! – Funding

Hoosier S.T.A.R.T. – Whats In It for You

How to Prepare for an Audit

ITA Conference Mattingly Presentation

Identity Theft

Indiana Code on Township Boards

Indiana Township Association Panel Outline

Is It Time To Merge

ITA Annual Meeting – How to prepare for an audit

ITA Finance Certification

ITA Presentation – Jim Greeson

ITA Workshop – Payroll

Are You Prepared for Retirement

ITA Providing Employee Benefits

Retirement Prep

Providing Benefits

Keeping It Legal While Denying TA

My Choice Contribution Rates Infographic Flier

PERF at a Glance 2017

PERF Hybrid vs My Choice Plan Fact Sheet

Public Employment – Indiana Township Association – Matt Brown

Stress MTM For Trustees

TA7 Seminar

Township Assistance Certification 2017

Township Merger Flow Chart

Township Trustees and Cemeteries


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